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You DON'T need to go to for health insurance!

In the world of insurance there are essentially two kinds of insurance agents:

The Captive Agent: Many of our competitors are in this category.  They work exclusively for one particular insurance company.  By contract they are not permitted to show you policies from any carrier other than the one that they work for.  They work in the best interest of the insurance company.

The Independent Agent:  That's me!  My organization is not captive to any one particular insurance carrier.  We specialize in major medical health insurance and life insurance.  We are capable of showing you most any insurance program available on the market.  We work in the best interest of you, our client.  Our first allegiance is to YOU and NOT the insurance companies.  I am YOUR professional insurance policy shopper!  We are contracted with many carriers.  Click the images below for links to our independently chosen top picks:

Here is my personal promise to you as Chairman & CEO of  We will work for you with only one thing in mind:  To protect you and your family in a manner best suited to your personal situation and your budget!  You won't find any high pressure tactics here.  Just facts!  We stand ready to educate and protect you!  So don't struggle shopping for major medical health insurance and life insurance on your own.  You can get objective, professional advice for FREE!  Let us make things simple for you.

If you have arrived at this site to keep an appointment simply click on the button marked "Web Conference" at the upper left of your screen.  If you found us through a web search feel free to browse the site.  If you would like more information on my background and that of my company click the "About Us" link.  If you have questions you will receive answers!  Just click the "Contact Us" link.

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Warren Roche

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